Art Days in Nuremberg

Mai, 2019

Art Days in Nuremberg: Exploring Creativity

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Art Days in Nuremberg with Janni Kolotouros‘ captivating photo exhibit, showcasing black-and-white perspectives amidst a world of colors. Held at the Gostner Hoftheater, this event aims to bring together art enthusiasts for a cultural exchange.

The Griechiche Kunstclub Nürnberg (Greek Art Club Nuremberg) presents, as part of the Art Days under the motto „Open Door Days,“ the fascinating photo exhibition by Janni Kolotouros (May 22nd – 25th, 2019).

Dive into the world of art at the Gostner Hoftheater, where audiences are treated to a variety of artistic forms. The event aims to bring people together and promote exchange in the art world.

„Janni Kolotouros‘ black-and-white perspective in a world full of colors. When we use only the shades of black, gray, and white, the true essence ceases to distract our attention, and we can interpret freely, devoid of all realism.“

A small selection of the exhibited photographs

© Janni Kolotouros

Intellectum magazine 17

Intellectum magazine 17

Delighted to have my photos featured in Intellectum Magazine’s 17th edition, alongside exceptional poetry by Ageliki Lalou, Anastasia Gitsi, Giannis Kalligas, Elsa Korneti, and Georgia Voudouri. Join us at Thessaloniki International Book Fair!

Intellectum magazine 16

Intellectum magazine 16

Gratitude to the ‚Intellectum Magazine‘ team for featuring my photo in the double issue. Thrilled it’ll be showcased at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair. Learn more about my participation in this significant event and the special invitation to celebrate the magazine’s 15th anniversary.