Thuringia Filmfestival

Mai, 2022
Weimat Poetry Film Award Focus Greece

The International Thuringia Film Festival is a new annual event dedicated to the genres of poetry film and video poetry. At the heart of the festival is the presentation of the Weimar Poetry Film Award at the Lichthaus Kino.

The festival aims to promote and perpetuate the exchange between filmmakers and authors in Thuringia and central Germany. Weimar, known for its literature and art, is a city of great poets and poetry, making it the ideal location for such a competition.

The backup_festival at the Bauhaus-Universit√§t Weimar was the original inspiration for the „PoetryFilmTage„. The Thuringia Film Festival stands out for its close connection between an international competition, in-house film production, and an online magazine (Poetryfilmkanal).


Contemporary Video Poetry from Greece

The Institute for Experimental Arts Athens presents an anthology of video poems created by Greek artists in collaboration with international poets, musicians, and filmmakers.

The curators of the International Video Poetry Festival Sissy Doutsiou, one of the largest video poetry festivals in the world, organized in Athens for ten years, represent the contemporary Greek poetry scene and lead us into an inspiring creative world.


Director: Janni Kolotouros
Poet: Anastasia Gkitsi
Music Composition: Ilias Chadjoglou iliTronika

French: Marloes Frei
English: Natalie Maxson
Greek: Anastasia Gkitsi

German Translation: Katharina Liatzoura


Janni Kolotouros
Anastasia Gkitsi - Janni Kolotouros
Poetry Black Box

Poetry Black Box

Explore the Poetry Black Box at the 20th Thessaloniki International Book Fair. Immerse yourself in contemporary Greek poetry through videopoems and find inspiration!

7. Griechische Filmtage

7. Griechische Filmtage

This year’s 7th Greek Film Days at the Filmhaus Nuremberg and online at kino3 focus on „The Female Gaze.“ The event showcases outstanding feature films with strong female protagonists and directors sharing their female perspective on the world. Organized by the Greek Art Club Nuremberg under the production direction of Dr. Elene Psoma.

Global Art Festival

Global Art Festival

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Global Art Festival, where creativity knows no bounds. Experience the debut of our videopoem ‚Pause‘ at Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg, a harmonious fusion of poetry, music, and visual art, curated to captivate your senses.